Monetize Your YouTube Channel Quickly: Step-by-Step Guide
Monetize Your YouTube Channel Quickly: Step-by-Step Guide

No matter how hard you try, you don't seem to be able to cross over that threshold or marketing goal for the year. You seem to grow followers at a stagnant rate and are wondering if there's anything else you can do. Don't worry; take a moment to check out our tips below to see if there's a way for you to give your social media channels the boost that they deserve and need. 

• Not enough content

The first place is that you simply aren’t posting enough content out there. Especially with newer fresh channels, you want to be posting a lot of content to fill it up. That means having the right type of schedule to deliver content multiple times during the week. Whether it’s a social media post on Instagram or a new video for your YouTube channel, you cannot go months in between posts, as your followers will simply look elsewhere. 

• You aren’t being consistent

Besides posting a lot of content, consistently spreading out content distribution is key. For example, if you have a schedule for posting three times a week, make sure to select something such as Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, instead of posting three times on Sunday. You want to have a consistent flow of content coming out not to spam your users but also to ensure they're getting enough to fill them up. 

• You aren’t being authentic enough

Social media is more about the authenticity of the business or brand. If you're coming across as too sales or simply always pushing a product, your users won't resonate with that and will feel like they're looking at a paid promotion. So you want to always mix in that right balance of authentic storytelling and then sprinkle in a product or service that you may want to push upon your users. 

• Your spread is too thin

This means you’re trying to be active on every social media channel out there. That rarely works and requires a huge team to manage effectively. Instead, you want to focus on the core social media channels relevant to your line of business and focus on them. You'll be able to minimize your resources spent while having the maximum amount of impact.

• You miss out on cross-promotion 

This means working with your existing clients and those that frequent your site so that you have social media channels for them to follow. Have links to your social media profiles ready to go and clearly visible on your website. Include it in everything you send to your clients, whether invoices, emails, or any other marketing material that goes out to your prospective customers. You can even work with site builders that help promote your social media directly onsite so that visitors have that visual cue to go to the social media channel. 

• You go in without a plan

Social media might seem a lot of fun, but you also need to plan ahead. What is the intended outcome of your social media strategy? Are you using it as a way for brand exposure? Then make sure to include content always showing the brand. Are you focused on educating your customers on how to use a service? Then the content should reflect that. Simply posting and assuming a result will fizzle out your social media plans quickly. 

• Not understanding your audience

There's a tone portrayed on social media that relates to the type of industry you're in. For example, are you trying to give a streetwear vibe, but your posts are all about fine dining? You need to understand the target market you're trying to attract and align with the content, the language used, and the overall message to help resonate and make sense to your audience. 

• It’s treated as a job

Another thing that users can sense is when there's no passion in communication and engagement from social media channels. You want to come off authentic, with a positive vibe, ready to engage with any user that has given their time to interact with your social media channels and, ultimately, your brand. Be professional, yes, but don't treat it as a dreadful obligation. 

• Lack of engagement

Another area that’s even worse than treating your social media channels as obligations is no engagement at all. Social media is built in a way for communities to be formed and to be able to engage with a company actively. Whether it’s to get answers to questions, give critical feedback, or simply give the company praise, it requires reciprocation from the social media channel owner. Otherwise, it falls into the category of being another faceless entity with no authenticity. 

• Not boosting your audience enough

You need to work on growing your audience actively. It needs to happen, whether it's following other social media pages or liking different content. Another great way to get a solid boost is working with a proper SMM panel to give you increase user growth and engagement quickly. This can help to show that your social media communities are large and active and entice more followers to your channels. 

In the end

Understand there's a social aspect of social media channels that you're going to have to be a part of. When that doesn't work, though, we're here to help give your channels that extra bump of Famegrowers.